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Receive donations in more than 134 different
currencies through our forms



Say goodbye to fees

We know how important finances are to the maintenance of your business or organization. remove fees from us based on the plan of your choice

Multiple Currencies

Accept payments and donations in 134 different currencies quickly and safely

Donor Data

Identify with certainty who is sending you a payment, customize the fields of your forms according to your needs

Monthly payment

Pay a monthly fee and use our forms free of transaction fees and without transaction limits

Multilanguage solution

We help you translate each field of your form according to your need, no matter the language, we are ready.

We configure it for you

For us it is essential that you focus on your business or organization. We configure your form for a one-time cost of $ 100 dollars.

Email marketing

Send promotions or gift cards to those who support your business or organization. Showing gratitude never hurts!

Fraud prevention

You’re safe with us. With Stripe as a payment processor, you have access to fully-integrated, advanced fraud protection tools.

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Most of our competitors they offer
very high prices and little attractive, for this reason we have set reasonable prices.

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